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Lisa has owned and managed Trailblazer Ranch since 2004.  She is a horse trainer, author, and has nearly 50 years of equestrian experience, from stable operations to endurance riding and trail trials.  There are jokes about Lisa because of the extraordinary number of miles she has ridden. No she hasn’t grown a mane yet, but sometimes she wishes she had the head muscles to lay her ears back.  After riding her mustang across the U.S., oh my goodness! Lisa was invited to become full member of the Long Rider's Guild (see link, members are listed alphabetically), and a fellow with the British Royal Geographical Society.

The Long Riders Guild

READ LISA'S BOOKS and be transported and inspired.  Laugh with Lisa, and worry about her when the weather changes.  How will she keep Shawnee safe when a tornado threatens?  Her stories will keep you turning pages and leave you with a warm feeling about the generousity of ordinary people.  Lisa's two award-winning books on her two long rides covering 4,500 miles, traveling alone and unsupported are available directly from Lisa (she will sign them for you) or from  Readers and critics proclaim these books to be a "must read" for men, women, and teens.  And for serious trail equestrians, there is a useful appendix in "Mustang Journal" on equipment necessary for long riding.

Lisa has ridden horses on every continent except Antarctica, including riding a Mongolian pony across the Tibetan plateau. Her first long ride was 1,500 miles along the California Coast to Oregon, and her second, on her “Medicine Hat” mustang, was 3,000 miles from California to Virginia. She specializes in starting young horses and working with “problem” horses, using her personalized approach to “natural” horsemanship.



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