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"...I go to Trailblazer Ranch for horseback riding lessons....I love going there because it is so beautiful."

- Joanna Garcia, San Diego



"...Thank you for the wonderful horseback riding experience. The kids talked about it for days!..."

- Fran, Isabella & Arthur, San Diego




Welcome to the Trailblazer Ranch.  In a peaceful river valley, located at the base of an imposing mountain, Trailblazer Ranch provides a place for the soul to revive. Many cultures believe that horses have special gifts and powers. At Trailblazer Ranch, they lift spirits.

Trailblazer Ranch Services

Boarding Training Lessons

Lisa Wood owns and manages Trailblazer Ranch.  For more on her broad and unusual background, click the "About Lisa" page.  She can be booked as a speaker for clubs and functions.  She is an expert on a variety of enviromental and horse-related topics.

As  scientist she is knowledgeable about topics such as sand system dynamics and disturbance ecology.

As an equestrian she has remarkable breadth of experience, from "long riding" to the rehabilitation and training of rescue horses.  Her entertaining and informative appearances can be tailored to the audience.

"I love your ranch.  There really aren't words enough to describe it. . ..  I've looked at and toured so many ranches during my month search of finding a new barn, and the moment I came to yours I knew this was where I wanted to board.  It's weird, but it just clicked with me.  I feel completely at home here."  - Allison



Special Events

Trailblazer Ranch hosts a variety of special events focused on horses, the outdoors, and science, including minicamps, clinics, parties.  For special event details contact Lisa. Trailblazer Ranch can also be booked for your own private gatherings.

Ranch News:

RIDING FOR SAFETY:  Trailblazer continues to be represented on the Mouted Monitors team, keeping the Valley safe.

KEEPING THE VALLEY SAFE AND TRAILS OPEN: Trailblazer is opposed to the proposed sand mine in El Monte Valley.  While sand is an important commodity, other sources, in locations with less impacts to existing wildlife, agriculture, and recreational users, should be explored. 

Trailblazer supports the efforts of El Capitan Firesafe Council to keep the Valley safe.

Trailblazer's first annual TRAILBLAZER CUP INVITATIONAL was a great success, with international audience speaking languages of Lithuania and Thailand.  Mitch's horse won the coveted Grand Prize Cup for most improved (water is sooo scarey), and Jenna showed tremendous flag and manuever skills.  Thanks to all who came and played. 












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